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The African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) is a regional non-profit, non-political professional regional coffee association representing coffee sectors in eleven members countries, namely: Burundi, D R Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Association has its headquarters in Uganda, where the secretariat is hosted.
The Secretariat is looking for competent, energetic and qualified persons to fill the following position;

Key accounts and Supplier Management including management of the Payment Cycle from requisition to settlement.
Invoicing of Customers and Membership and follow to conclusion.
Booking keeping on Computerized …

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During the 4-day master class you learn the ins and outs of export development and export promotion from the perspective of the Ugandan Coffee Sector.
In each phase of this training you will develop practical skills that can be applied directly and immediately. You will be able to:

Develop your export strategy and strategic planning;
Understand Market Access Requirements in a better way;
Comprehend market trends in the most promising EU countries;
Create and export marketing plan;
Plan for market entry and the selection of Trade Fairs.

This training is applicable if:

You are planning to develop (new) …

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Enjoy this extract from a brilliant article “Entrepreneurship in a Mug” by Arancha Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the International Trade Centre in the Huffington Post
“In fact, sometimes all it takes to connect entrepreneurs to overseas buyers is to get them into the same room. Last month, ITC helped a group of women coffee producers from countries across Africa prepare for and attend the Africa Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition in Nairobi. At the event, they struck preliminary commitments with impressed new buyers worth an estimated US $1.6 million.
That may not …

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Learn more about the Brazilian coffee sector with the assistance of experienced consultants!

P&A/Pinhalense and TravelBox in partnership with the African Fine Coffees Association offer this incredible opportunity to experience all aspects of coffee growing, harvesting and processing thought guided visits to relevant Arabica and Robusta coffee producing areas in Brazil.
The group will witness successful cases of small and medium-sized coffee growers, which have managed to increase coffee productivity to levels above the Brazilian national average of 23 bags/hectare (Arabica) and 30 bags/hectare (Robusta/Conilon).  There will also be an organized visit …

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From the 4C Press Team
Dear Coffee Stakeholder,
We are pleased to announce the launch of the 4C Photo of the Year.
As a multi-stakeholder organization that encompasses the global coffee sector, there are members scattered throughout all corners of the earth. With the next General Assembly fast approaching, we want to capture all the moments that are experienced by our committed and hard-working members in their pursuit for a better coffee world. Whether you are a farmer, a mill, an exporter or importer, a roaster, a retailer, a researcher, an NGO, a …

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Agriculture Minister Geraldine Mukeshimana (L) and Sir Tom Hunter cut the tape to inaugurate the coffee factory as Naeb Director General Bill Kayonga looks on.
Rwanda Coffee industry has been improving over decades and its recent achievements are commendable. The fact that the number of coffee growers has increased proportionately and consistently with coffee production is a true testament to NAEB’s bold vision of turning dreams into reality.
It’s for such grounds that Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative (CHDI) sat and eyed into Rwanda-based coffee roasting and packing operations as a financially viable and …

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Challenges to and importance of engaging women and youth in the coffee sector
In many producing countries the average age of coffee farmers is increasing, youth are not motivated to stay in coffee as they lack ownership of land, coffee trees, access to training and finance and benefits derived from coffee. As a result they increasingly leave rural areas and look for employment in cities. The continuation of coffee production by the “next generation” is therefore at stake, which poses a great risk to the coffee sector as a whole. Additionally, …

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by Doriane Kaze, Burundi Chapter Coordinator
The championship was organized by the Burundi Barista Association and held at Hotel club du Lac Tanganyika. It all begun with the Head judge Miss Clare Rwakatogoro from Uganda training these participants from 19th – 23rd January 2015 before the actual competition could begin on 22nd – 24th January 2015 at the same venue where the championship would be held.
The championship begun with 16 participants who were energetic and all looked forward to being the next event champions. Along the way, 10 participants were eliminated …

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MAGAZINE (6)asdasd

(From the October – December 2014 Magazine Issue)
The Sustainable and Secure Smallholder Systems at Scale (4S@Scale) is a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) that has a five year mandate and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Hivos, Ecom Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd; KAWACOM Uganda Limited (Uganda), Sustainable Management Services (Kenya) and Tutunze Kahawa Ltd (Tanzania); Kenya National Farmers Federation – KENAFF (Kenya), Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd (Uganda) and CARMATEC (Tanzania).
The programme commenced in Uganda with Kawacom (U) Ltd on 1st of July 2014 and intends to work with different players in the sector to ensure that coffee farmers get the best output from their produce and the good reputation of Ugandan coffee is maintained.
For more on this article …

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MAGAZINE (6)lkjlkj

(From the October – December 2014 Magazine Issue)
By Kimberly Easson, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Gender Program Advisor, Coffee Quality Institute
The global coffee market is expanding; consumption around the world continues to grow. Specialty coffee trends are generating enthusiasm and engaging a new pool of youngconsumers. At the same time, the industry faces significant risks to supply linked to climate change, plant disease, food insecurity, aging farming populations and out-migration from farming communities, among other issues. Real concern exists that supply will not keep pace with market opportunities.
Fortunately a hidden resource exists to help address these global problems: coffee’s women. …

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