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East African women receive preliminary commitments for US$1.6m worth of coffee at the African Fine Coffees Association Conference and Exhibition¬
From the International Trade Centre News Desk
The American comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that ‚ÄėCoffee solves all ‚Ķ problems in one delightful cup‚Äô. That might be an overstatement, but ‚Äėdelighted‚Äô can certainly describe the women coffee producers the International Trade Centre (ITC) helped participate in the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) Conference and Exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya.
During the conference, held on 12-14 February, ITC organized more than 100 B2B meetings between women coffee …

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by Doriane Kaze, Burundi Chapter Coordinator
The championship was organized by the Burundi Barista Association and held at Hotel club du Lac Tanganyika. It all begun with the Head judge Miss Clare Rwakatogoro from Uganda training these participants from 19th – 23rd January 2015 before the actual competition could begin on 22nd – 24th January 2015 at the same venue where the championship would be held.
The championship begun with 16 participants who were energetic and all looked forward to being the next event champions. Along the way, 10 participants were eliminated …

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MAGAZINE (6)asdasd

(From the October ‚Äď December 2014 Magazine Issue)
The Sustainable and Secure¬†Smallholder Systems¬†at Scale (4S@Scale) is a¬†Public-Private-Partnership¬†(PPP) that has a five year¬†mandate and is supported¬†by the Ministry of Foreign¬†Affairs of the Netherlands,¬†Hivos, Ecom Agroindustrial¬†Corp. Ltd; KAWACOM¬†Uganda Limited (Uganda),¬†Sustainable Management¬†Services (Kenya) and¬†Tutunze Kahawa Ltd¬†(Tanzania); Kenya National¬†Farmers Federation ‚ÄstKENAFF (Kenya), Biogas¬†Solutions Uganda Ltd¬†(Uganda) and CARMATEC¬†(Tanzania).
The programme commenced in Uganda with Kawacom (U) Ltd on 1st of July 2014 and intends to work with different players in the sector to ensure that coffee farmers get the best output from their produce and the good reputation of Ugandan coffee is maintained.
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MAGAZINE (6)lkjlkj

(From the October ‚Äď December 2014 Magazine Issue)
By Kimberly Easson, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Gender Program Advisor, Coffee Quality Institute
The global coffee market is expanding; consumption around the world continues to grow. Specialty coffee trends are generating enthusiasm and engaging a new pool of youngconsumers. At the same time, the industry faces significant risks to supply linked to climate change, plant disease, food insecurity, aging farming populations and out-migration from farming communities, among other issues. Real concern exists that supply will not keep pace with market opportunities.
Fortunately a hidden resource¬†exists to help address these global¬†problems: coffee‚Äôs women. …

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Exhibition Area Small - A

Enhancing the World’s taste for African Coffee
by Samuel N. Kamau, Executive Director AFCA.
When the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) was formed in 2000, its founders had a vision that they would be able to provide the African coffee industry ‚Äď which had undergone two severe depressions ‚Äď with a new direction.
To achieve this goal, AFCA developed a strategy that set out a number of goals. The association would seek to bring together stakeholders to collectively pursue business opportunities; it would promote the finest coffees from across Africa; it would develop …

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(From the October – December 2014 Magazine Issue)
Bean There Coffee Company, South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee, recently launched their newest origin; a Kivu 4 washed Arabica from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bean There has teamed up with the Virunga Coffee Company in North Kivu in a direct fair trade partnership. The Virunga Coffee Company was established by Schluter with the aim of investing in the coffee production in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Virunga focuses on providing training to coffee farmers and access to the international coffee market. Virunga has several agronomists working with coffee producers at the foot of the Nyiragongo volcano.
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by Titus Thobias Itegerereize, General Manager
(From the October – December 2014 Magazine Issue)
“The Karagwe Estates Vision of Liberating Coffee farmers from absolute poverty is conclusive evidence of giving¬†Karagwe farmers better life to acquire basic needs and raise the¬†standard of living‚ÄĚ.¬†Titus Thobias Itegerereize, General Manager Karagwe Estates
Karagwe and Kyerwa districts are situated North-west of Tanzania¬†bordering Rwanda and Uganda. The area is about 270,000 hectares¬†arable land, 120,705 hectares of which is under cultivation leaving¬†140,335 hectares dormant. The area is generally mountainous with an¬†average altitude of between 1550 to 1800. Inhabitants enjoy rainfall¬†of …

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By Matebu H Zemanuel, Mullege Coffee
Amazingly, Africa still remains the least benefactor in terms of per capita income in comparison with the rest of the coffee growing regions of the world. There is no need for high level research to confirm the low income levels from
sales in Africa’s coffee growing regions. The coffee beans are special; rich in terms of aroma and flavors but the quantity and qualities of beans is not too impressive and as a result derive little value.
Today, there are many interventions¬†to improve the yield of coffee per¬†hectare and quality of the bean.¬†We seek to produce beans that are¬†resistant to …

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COTECA is the international meeting point for the coffee, tea and cocoa trade in September 2014! 140 exhibitors from 30 nations will present their products and innovations at the third COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo in Hamburg, Germany. An accompanying two-day conference with top speakers gives an overview of the international markets of coffee, tea and cocoa ‚Äď an unparalleled platform for information, exchange of views and networking.
Exhibitors from all over the world
Ethiopia, Tanzania, Yemen, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka, Panama‚Ķ they are just part of a …

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Michel B

Dear AFCA Chapter Members,
Greetings from the AFCA Secretariat.
Please note that Baudoin Michel is the new Vice Chairman for the DRC AFCA Chapter following online elections.
Michel Baudoin Profile
Baudouin MICHEL is the Acting Director of DOMAINE DE KATALE  SARL, a company located in Rutshuru in the North-Kivu Province of the DRC. Baudoin is an agro economist, associate Professor at the University of Liège (Belgium), University of Hanoi (Vietnam) and The University of Kinshasa (DRC) and has 32 years of professional experience in 78 developing countries.
Contact Details
Tel: +243 81 093 99 83
Email Address: …